what clients say

Clients have all been impressed with inaword. Here is what some have to say:


"I found inaword to be highly professional and easy to work with. It ably adjusted to the problems that we presented and delivered an exceptional product as advertised. We asked the company to translate a document that was highly technical but designed for use by the average citizen. inaword took this highly difficult task and created a translation that our customer found impressive and right in line with what they needed."

Mr. Robert E. Petty V
Business Development Manager
Jane's Information Group


"Putting together a conference for my client, Toyota Motor Corporation, was no small task. Any time you have a conference with over 100 different countries represented, you have to be certain to have accuracy and clarity. inaword provided simultaneous conference interpreting into Spanish, complete with 159 headsets and a booth for Toyota's Latin American Marketing Conference in 1998. The interpreters had the correct dialect - matched to conference attendees - and were a pleasure to work with. I received constant support from inaword, even while I was traveling for the conference. I couldn't have asked for better service and follow-through, even after the event was complete. I would recommend inaword to all my clients."

Ms. Carrie E. Schmidt
Worldwide Account Executive
Saatchi and Saatchi, Los Angeles


"As an attorney, I know the importance of clear expression, whether in English or any other language I may be working with. inaword's commitment for accurate, detailed and thorough translation, gives me confidence that every subtle nuance of expression has been accurately reflected in the translated work. Without fail, inaword, delivers translation services that I can trust."

Luis Allen
Vice President of Legal Affairs
Columbia Pictures