Web Sites

There is no longer any doubt that any business planning to succeed in the 21st century must have a significant presence on the Internet. inaword has long operated on that premise. We offer Web development to online newcomers and veterans alike. Our specialists boast a spectrum of skills, from those who create dynamic online concepts from scratch to programming experts who efficiently handle the technical specifications. From custom web applications development to corporate image-building marketing sites, our team can strengthen your Internet, Intranet or Extranet effort and give it a truly global impact. Our experienced specialists offer custom programming, database CGI programming, HTML and SGML/XML coding.

Product Literature

While many businesses are focusing on electronic features such as Web sites, they still have considerable needs for professionally designed print products. We produce a wide range of technical manuals, brochures, financial reports, catalogs, training materials and drug submissions.

Electronic Publishing

Our graphic designers, desktop publishers and proofreaders prepare documents in dozens of languages, on any operating system. inaword's desktop publishing library features standard and custom fonts for major languages. We welcome our clients' proprietary fonts and graphic images.
Here are some of the programs
and formats we use:
Quark XPress
Corel Draw
Microsoft Word