training and seminars


When logistics prevent you from providing training in person, inaword's web specialists make sure your training efforts don't miss a beat. Language should not be a hurdle to any company's ability to use the Internet as a powerful training and educational tool. We handle Web-based training and can teach seminars on the Web in any language to your domestic and overseas staff. With inaword's customized courses and tutorials, the training process isn't 9 to 5. Instead of devoting person-hours and resources to provide traditional training, a company can allow its programs to suit an employee's schedule and native language. Tap into technology's strengths - flexibility, accessibility, multimedia content - with inaword.


Train your overseas staff with the help of our seminar language experts or interpreters. We will fly to your North American office and simultaneously interpret your English speaking trainers and seminar presenters. Your non-English speaking staff will follow along as though they were listening to the original in their native tongue. The exchange of ideas and know-how lets clients with offices around the world communicate in a unified language and brings new clarity to their mission.